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The Myth Lecture Bundles

First Bundle of Five Lectures Done…

It is five of the myths that swirl around creation of words. And this week I will be finishing up the last three lectures in the Roadblocks bundle.

I want to do the last two bundles (10 lectures on myths) but not one person has bought a bundle, not one. Lifetime subscribers to the lectures get them, so I will finish the last two bundles for them. And that is the best way to buy these, as I have said.

So still going forward with them, clearly mostly just for my own entertainment. (grin)

And in the Licensing Transition, Kris and I have a number of new videos to add into August in this next week. We knew August would be slow there, but working on a couple of projects has really gotten us some new information. And me working on the Trademark For Fiction Writers book has made a lot of sense out of some things as well.

So as I wait for the big project to fire up, I will be doing the lectures, the videos on licensing, and reading a bunch of great stories from the Great Challenge. So going to be a busy and fun week.

Keep writing and having fun out there as the Time of Great Forgetting eases past.

And don’t forget the September workshops are now available on Teachable.


  • Harvey Stanbrough

    Those of us who have followed your blog for years are well aware of the myths, Dean. Probably your audience for those particular bundles will show up in the near future. I’m glad you’re doing them, but your Sacred Cows posts and books nailed it for me a few years ago. Great to hear new stuff is coming in the Transition.

  • Mike Southern

    Dean, don’t be too disappointed that we readers haven’t gone for the myth lectures yet. So often we see things we want but either can’t afford them all right now and have to set priorities, or we simply don’t realize that we need them yet. If you had to wait and create them when we realized we needed them, you’d probably have a nervous breakdown from the workload.

    We DO appreciate you putting them out there so they’re available when we realize we need them.

  • Terry Mixon

    Dean, as one of the lifetime subscribers, I can tell you that I’m working though the myths lectures and am looking forward to finishing all 20. Great stuff that writers need to know.