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Great Dinner

With Ten Writers…

Well, I was number ten, so I guess I had dinner with nine other writers. There were ten of us, total, and then we headed to a brew pub so Kevin and a few others could have a beer. Talking went on to almost midnight.

These were all successful writers, indie writers, and fun people. Amazing how many writers we are seeing here in Vegas, and missed a couple last week who came through. Fantastic fun after all the years living a long ways from anywhere.

So because of all the fun conversation, I was very late getting to the assignments tonight, but just got them done.

Tomorrow or the next day a big new kickstarter project launches if it gets approved. Some cool stuff in it. Stay tuned.


  • Harvey Stanbrough

    I envy you so much to be able to get together regularly with a group of writers for lunch or supper and to talk writing and publishing. Here in Arizona there are a lot of successful indie writers too. But we live all over the place, in small towns and large cities.

    • dwsmith

      Actually, it was Kevin Anderson and Rebecca Moesta coming through town that brought this group together. We didn’t even know four of them lived here.