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The Chase: A New Diving Novel Kickstarter

Launches on Tuesday!!

This is the book all of us Diving Universe fans have been waiting for. Boss, Coop, and so much more. This book is impossible to put down once you start reading it. Trust me.

And it is done and will be ready to send to Kickstarter supporters in late June and early July and will be published officially to the world in late September.

Don’t want to miss this one, and to make sure you don’t, go to the prelaunch page at:

And then click notify you on launch.

All supporters will get an electronic copy months ahead of official publication dates.

And here is not only the cover of THE CHASE, but maybe the niftiest image of the Diving Universe Books, all sixteen of them, and yes all will be offered at a discount in the campaign in electronic, trade paper and limited signed hardback edition.

So Tuesday.