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Diving Kickstarter Got a Fast Start…

Understatement there. It funded in about twenty hours and is well on its way to the first stretch goal. And almost every reward taken so far is about the books, which is even cooler.

I love the Diving Universe and I know a bunch of fans do as well, and it has sold many millions of copies around the world since it started, but still it is wonderful to see this take off like that.

Kris has a new Diving novel coming out this fall. It is huge. And she wanted to get it to her fans ahead of time, so that is her stated reason for doing the Kickstarter project.

The name of the novel is THE RENEGAT. It is 260 thousand words long. Not kidding. And reads much, much faster than that, I promise you.

If you back the campaign at any level, you will get a copy of the book early, months before it comes out regularly.

Also, as I said last night, Kris did two really cool special books of things cut our of Diving novels including this new one, and essays about the material. That is a writer’s dream there. See what and why a master storyteller leaves in a novel and what she takes out.

And you get the new Diving novel and the two special books with any reward, so if you would like to get some discounted workshop credits, this is the time to do it. We only discount workshops in Kickstarters.

Also, Kris’s nifty Ask Kris Anything live webinar is slightly discounted for six of them.

And since Kris teaches the craft workshops here in Las Vegas, she included a lifetime subscription to the Study Along workshops on the Kickstarter campaign.

So discounted lectures, workshops, and lifetime subscriptions available only while this Kickstarter lasts. Write me if you want more information. And you can use the credits from the campaign any time in the future. They never expire.

Or just go get all of Kris’s Diving Universe novels or all of her Retrieval Artist novels through the Kickstarter. A lot of great, award-winning science fiction, folks.

Diving Kickstarter


  • Rebecca

    Congratulations! Is there any way to pledge for both collections of all the Diving Universe books and all the Retrieval Artist books? Some of us (meaning me) want lots to read and can’t choose!

    • dwsmith


      Afraid Kickstarter doesn’t allow that. But if you added the amount of the second group (like the Retrieval Artist books) to the amount of the Diving books, then when we send a survey, tell us what the extra money is for, we can do that just fine. No problem at all.