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Update on My Stuff

Still Working Into My New System..

But making progress. The web site (not this one, a new one) is making progress. Got a few things to fix and a ton of books to list, but that will take time.

And I have been learning InDesign, the new one, so I can get ramping on the Make 100 Short Stories. That will take another week and I should have the first few covers done for Issue #45 of Smith’s Monthly. (I will post them here.)

I need to finish up the novel that will be in that issue as well, a brand new Marble Grant novel that is mostly done because it was a series of short stories to start. Then I have the short Thunder Mountain novel for Issue #46 and this new Cold Poker Gang novel I just finished for #47.

After I am ready with those three issues, I will have enough short stories in the Make 100 Challenge done that I can start doing a free story of the week finally on that new web site.

This site will have a new look and theme, but basically remain the same in content, focused on writing and such. The new site is my fiction site. Finally.

So progress has been slow with all the life rolls. And right now Kris and I are focused on the licensing convention in one month, getting ready for that. Going to be a massive learning curve we hope to share with everyone at the Master Business Class in October, with help from Loren Coleman who will also be at the convention and at the Master Business Class.

We hope to make a few deals as well, but that is always a fun question mark.

But still, progress every day on the writing and production of my own stuff. In fact, I am finding that writing twice a day is working for me. One good session of a few thousand words in the morning, then another session at night before I go to bed. That second session might get derailed as I get back to playing in some poker tournaments (haven’t played a hand since I moved here). But we shall see when that starts up.

Tomorrow, besides writing, I will be finishing up the reading of the challenge stories for week #3. Great fun for me.



  • Harvey Stanbrough

    Hey Dean,

    “…a brand new Marble Grant novel that is mostly done because it was a series of short stories to start.”

    So good to see this. I finished (I thought) a 10-novel saga back in early 2017. But my main character from that saga recently tugged on my sleeve and asked me to tell the rest of his story.

    After dealing with a little critical-mind crap (does it ever go away?) I’m currently “borrowing” some bits from the last novel of that saga to fill in some gaps and begin the new WIP. It feels great, spending time with that cast of characters again.

    Maybe best of all, the entire saga began as the result of a short story I wrote back in 2014. (grin) Now, your notion of combining a series of short stories to finish your current novel validates my borrowing from the previous novel in my saga to kick off the current WIP.

    So again (per usual) I’ve gleaned a helpful gem from your post.