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Thank You For the Kind Wishes…

Kris and I had a fun and perfect-for-us 35-year anniversary today.

We both worked on different things until around 2:30 pm, then we headed out to a favorite restaurant near the University we had not been in for 14 months. It had made it through and we split an order of fries and a really yummy vanilla shake (made from Almond milk and almond ice cream).

It is heaven being vaccinated and not worrying about sitting in a restaurant after 14 months of staying at home. Wow!!

Then we headed to a huge shopping mall on the Strip because, honestly we had never been in it in 3-plus years here and wanted to see how it had faired. And we needed the steps. Fun walking the thing and in 90 minutes we only saw a part of it. Huge, just huge. But helped me get my milage for the day.

And every person inside was fully masked.

Then we headed for what had been our favorite pizza place in Mandalay Bay. It also had survived and we had this huge vegan pizza. Mandalay Bay is still only partially open, and they had lost about half of the shops along the walkway between there and the Luxor. But I got a hunch those empty shops will be filled by the Licensing Expo next May.

Then we came back and watched a really nice movie that Kevin Anderson recommended called Map of Tiny Perfect Things. My kind of story exactly. I could have written the thing and wish I had. Wonderful, gentle time travel loop story. Even got my kind of title on it. (grin). And my kind of team structure that I write most my books with as well. Worth seeing, folks.

So thanks again for all the kind comments on the 35 year anniversary. Onward we go.

Go get your vaccines, folks. You will be amazed at how free it makes you feel.