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Creative Survival… New 52 Week Class

Kris and I Are Really Excited About the New Class….

Same format at Bite-Sized Copyright and The Decade Ahead classes. 4 videos every Monday.

Basically what we were doing with Bite-Sized Copyright and The Decade Ahead classes were helping writers with creative survival. And we both loved those two classes and one day over lunch I asked Kris what she thought would be a possible way to continue them. She pointed out that one had been organized on copyright, which all writers need to survive and make money, and the other had been focused on just surviving ten years out. And that we had left out a ton of stuff along the way outside those two focuses.

“Why not take both the next step in one class?” she asked. “Give a 52 week road map on building a creative business that will be money strong, fundamentally sound, and built to survive?”

We hammered out more details and then I asked, “What should we call this, maybe one of the best classes we will ever teach?”

“Creative Survival,” she said and the new class was born.

After a ton of work and planning putting this together, it is now available on Teachable on the first page. You can get all four quarters for the price of three in the bundle, and for the next number of days you can get the bundle only on the targeted sale. (See below.)

Kris and I both have been making our livings in publishing for over 35 years each. We know creative survival and what it takes in this modern world. I sure hope you join in every Monday. Four videos first thing every week. And you just never know what detail will make the difference for your entire writing career.

Now some details about the Targeted Sale…

As I said yesterday, we figured that for a few targeted classes to help writers through 2024, we could do a targeted sale. This is not for all the Teachable classes, just a few targeted things. We have never done this before, but if we figure it helps a few writers going into the new year, it is worth the shot.

So here are the classes that are half price on WMG Teachable if you use the code:


  • Lifetime Subscription to Everything
  • Lifetime Subscription to Workshops
  • Lifetime Subscription to Pop-Ups
  • Lifetime Subscription to Lectures
  • Lifetime Subscription to Study Alongs
  • Creative Survival Bundle (new in 2024)
  • Motivational Monday Bundle (new in 2024)
  • Bite-Sized Copyright Bundle (recorded in 2023)
  • Decade Ahead Bundle (recorded in 2023)
  • Advanced Craft (9-week classes) Bundle 2023 (all offered in 2024)
  • Advanced Craft (9-week classes) Bundle 2024 (all new in 2024)

All other workshops and classes and such are regular price.

The 2023 Advanced Class Bundle Includes…


Only the bundle of all six is half price. You can get each class at regular price.

The 2024 Advanced Classes Bundle Includes…

  • Advanced Dialog
  • Advanced Humor
  • Advanced Endings
  • Advanced Information Flow
  • Advanced Genre
  • Advanced Emotion.

Only the bundle of all six is half price. You can get each class at regular price.

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