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Cover For 4th Stretch Goal Book

Just Two Days Left…

Counting down. We hit the fourth stretch goal and going into the final stretch. Thank you everyone for the support.

Below is the cover for the book everyone who supports the kickstarter will get. That’s three books, an Issue Zero, and an extra issue everyone will get plus the reward you sign up for.

Also, if you take a workshop reward, you will also get a free Classic Workshop with each regular workshop.

And just today on Teachable.com we have up a new classic workshop. “Plotting with Depth.” Take a look at all the lectures and classic workshops at:


That’s seven classic workshops we have up now. All the classic workshops are former six-week workshops with assignments and everything, only you don’t turn the assignments in and can do the entire workshop at your own pace. Five more classic workshops coming in the next month or so.

And if you get the Strengths Workshops rewards, either two or all six, you get free classic workshops as well. And this is the only time the Strengths workshops will open up.

So just two days to get all the fun stuff and help us get this crazy old/new magazine off the ground.

Again, thanks for all the support.


And I love this cover…