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One Week of the Fiction River Subscription Drive

Doing Great!!

We have, in less than one week, hit our goal and also hit the first stretch reward where everyone gets an extra copy of Fiction River on their subscription. Next stretch goals have everyone getting all sorts of cool books.

In fact, there is all kinds of cool stuff this year in our third  in six years. (We do one every two years.)

You can get a ton of extra books (up to 25 books) if this goes as high as the past, and if it goes a little higher than the past drive, we will do an open call for one or two volumes of Fiction River, something Kris and I swore we would never do. (grin)

Yes, I said open call.

But we aren’t doing it unless this subscription drive beats the last one two years ago by $5,000. So it is possible. So writers, pass the word about this one.

Here is the nifty video and a link directly.

If it goes all the way to the top of the stretch goals, every supporter will get an unpublished novel by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. She wrote this a number of years ago and I read it and it is FANTASTIC!! But she wanted to write the next book after it before publishing it and just hasn’t gotten around to it.

So if we hit the top of the Kickstarter stretch goals, not only will everyone get 25 books beyond their subscription, but a limited edition, Kickstarter-only copy of the unpublished novel by Kris.

But we have a ways to go in two weeks. But still possible, and some great reading in the process.


Again we have the subscription drive deals on regular workshops and other kinds of workshop offerings as well in different rewards.

And ONE MAJOR ADDITION. Again this year, if you get a regular workshop on the subscription drive, we will add in a free Classic workshop. (And three more workshops are moving to Classic now.)

So if you get a workshop credit through the subscription drive, you get a discount on the regular workshop and also a free classic workshop. In essence $450 in workshops for $250.00. Not bad, huh?

That extra is not announced on Kickstarter, but I will tell everyone at the end who takes a workshop credit about it.

And if you want, you can get more than one. Just add to your pledge an extra $250 for every workshop credit you want. We will contact you after it funds in early October. (Kickstarter only goes for 20 days, but it takes three weeks for everything to clear.)

So the credits can be used starting in November. September and October workshops you still need to go direct through me or Teachable.

So we are live and have early supporter bonus as well. Take a look!!