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Surveys Out for Kickstarter

Very Quickly This Time…

The surveys were sent out today for the Spade/Paladin Kickstarter campaign. If you didn’t get one…

— First check your spam filter.

— If not there, check your other email address in case you used that for Kickstarter.

— If not there, just hold on until Monday. It might appear as email sometimes does.

— If you were a backer of the Space/Paladin kickstarter and your pledge went through all right, and you still did not get your survey by MONDAY or TUESDAY, contact Josh at WMG Publishing and he will fire you another one.


Today I managed to get another 4,000 words done on a new Thunder Mountain novel. No clue where it is going, but I am having fun.

I have two short story deadlines that need to be done soon, but I want to try to finish this novel, then tackle those. So a fun few days of writing ahead.

Stay safe this weekend.