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Sometimes Days Are Good…

Today Was a Good One…

I spent the day first recording a writing class that will be part of the Kickstarter. A fun and challenging one.

Then off to the grocery store to shop. Beautiful day, weather perfect, got some exercise as well.

Back home to eat lunch, then hang some of the last art that needed hanging, then back up to my office to record another writing class that Kris and I had worked out.

Cooked dinner for Kris when she got home, then watched a little Voice, then back to my office to do some writing on the new novel.

Then watched some television with Kris, then back up here again to write a few more thousand words on the novel.

I am a professional writer. I got to be challenged with some teaching and enjoy a beautiful day and watch some television and write about 4,000 words.

Plus, on top of all that, the two-week Kickstarter campaign we did for Kris’s new novel did fantastic and it ended tonight above what we had hoped for. Thank you all for supporting that. We will be doing updates early next week as to when everyone can expect all the goodies. But first, when you get the surveys, make sure to get them in as quickly as you can.

Now, to end this day, I am going to go watch a little television with my late-night snack of a piece of chicken.

And tomorrow out to lunch with friends and a ton more writing.


    • dwsmith

      A Thunder Mountain novel and heaven’s no. You’ll know if I start that at some point. I did it two or three years back for fun, been thinking about doing it again at some point.