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Still Distracted…

Didn’t Go Out On the Long Run/Walk…

Wanted to watch the election stuff for the third straight night. So, with luck, this election race will be called on Friday and I can get back to writing and answering emails and get that long walk/run in. (In other words, my normal life.)

To be honest, that will be wonderful. I am now officially tired of this and have eaten far, far too much crap out of pure nerves.

So tomorrow I will report the outcome of the long run/walk (About 13-14 miles) and how I did. I got to get this in this weekend some time, then give myself more than enough time to rest for the longer run/walk next Saturday, the 14th. (Marathon)

I am not in the shape I wanted to be in by a long ways. Or planned to be in. (I had such great plans last spring.)

Because of Covid and it not going away, I could only exercise outside instead of on the indoor tracks in the gym I belong to. Way too hot this last two months for me to get too much distance outside. (Record temps here in Vegas, which is saying something. And I have heat stroke issues, so I had to be very careful.)

And with an inability to get much distance, I couldn’t lose the weight I wanted to drop.

So I am going into the first marathon on Saturday the 14th not at all like I wanted to go. Not in my best running shape and too heavy. That’s why this preliminary long run is so important. It will tell me if I can make the longer one or not.  (And yes, I will be honest with myself.)

If I was really able to do real training like I had planned, I would be going out for a 18-20 mile one this weekend. But I’ll give 13-14 miles a shot to see how the feet hold up and how I feel. If I still feel fine after a half marathon this weekend, then I can stumble the rest of the way to finish the 26 miles next weekend. It won’t be pretty and it won’t be fast, but doing a marathon at 70 years of age ain’t going to be bad.

So back to the television and then some sleep.

(Don’t forget the half price workshop sale. Get some as presents for writer friends who are hurting during these stupid Covid times. Write me if you have a question.)


  • Philip

    Your post gave me a thought: this razor thin election shows how, sadly, our nation is so divided. But what we do as creators brings people together. It not only takes their minds off the troubles of the world, but it unites them. I could care less what the political views of my favorite authors are because I just want to consume their creations. Imagine if we could extend that type of openness beyond art. We can dream.

  • David Anthony Brown

    Tired of the election crap too, and I’m a news junkie. My girlfriend wisely made me go for a walk Wednesday night, which did wonders. Looks like it should be decided today with any luck.

  • Kate Pavelle

    Oh, it’s riveting! We’re living in the proverbial “intersting times” and I’m curious to see what the history books will have to say about all this in retrospect. The big picture and a bit of distance often show the forces that feed opinions of the electorate, and I’m curious to see where this all is coming from.
    I wrote a bit over a thousand words yesterday, and consider that a success. I also found that keeping my phone near me is death to my word count, as I’ve gotten into the habit of scannign the news at every opportunity. It seems the little corner desk in our bedroom will be preferred internet location, or at least will fulfill that function during my “writing hours.”
    And now off to writing. I shall affect what I can.
    Hang in there!