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From Too Many Chips to Too Much Exercise…

Not Wednesday…

No, the exercise is planned for Thursday. A very long walk/run. I figure after two days of eating far too much and too much stupid stress, I needed to do something. So going out for a half-marathon distance (13.1 miles), see how it goes, what my time is, what I feel like when done. So could be interesting. I’ll report tomorrow on how it went.

But tonight I want to warn you all that this is the last day, the last few hours, actually of the BIG TIME STORYBUNDLE. Basically an entire bundle of time travel books and stories, some of the best I have read.

And you also get my novel Warm Springs: A Thunder Mountain Novel, one of the most complex time travel novels I have ever done, and trust me, that’s going some.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss that, and toss in a few extra bucks for the Oregon Food Bank as well. Great reading and a great cause.

Also, don’t forget we have going on a half-price workshop sale.

Just use the code HolidaySale to get anything on WMG Teachable for half price.

Information in blog posts over the last four days.



    Ever since my gall bladder was removed 3 years ago, for reasons unknown, stress triggers an incredible craving for salty snacks, especially chips. I went through a family sized bag of potato chips the other night!