Challenge,  Cover Fun

Started On #45

Actually Started Interior Layout on Smith’s Monthly #45…

Ran into a few problems that I will solve tomorrow with a little help. But minor.

The real issue is going to be getting all the ads and such I do throughout the book for my own books, rebuilding a lot of them, making sure the art is linked, and so on. That will take a few days and it will get easier as I go along with every issue I am sure.

So tonight I decided to fire up my rusty short story paperback cover skills. Been most of a pandemic since I had done too many of them, if any. Since I think I already have covers for two of the four stories in the issue (I put a cover on a facing page of every story), I did two stories I knew I didn’t have covers for.

So below are the covers I did tonight in exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes, most of that looking for art. Damn… doing covers is fun, especially when I already have a template.

The first story is called “Blind Poet” and if memory serves (because I am not going looking) I wrote that story back in the early 1990s. Maybe. Maybe earlier. Here is both the spread and the epub cover.

The second cover I did is a story I wrote last spring and we published in the second Year of the Cat book. That is a brand new series character in my Poker Boy universe and sometimes Poker Boy helps out. Got seven stories in that series now and will have a few more before the Year of the Cat series is done.