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May Workshops Now Up…

And Available on the Sale…

The nine different May regular workshops are now on Teachable. And yes, you can get them on the half-price sale.

Just hit purchase and then on the next page put in the code:


And you will get the workshop for half price. April Regular workshops are still there, but you would have to catch up. Only a week behind, so not a problem.

A couple things I want to point out tonight on Teachable that are available for the sale.

— The Lifetime Pop-Up subscription is a fantastic deal, especially at half price. And that will just keep growing and growing.

— The Study Along classes are great deals as well. Five more in the next year. And to get all the old ones, grab the Lifetime Subscription to those.

— Starting in May, more nine-week Collection classes are also available in this sale. You write five stories and put a collection together and publish it in nine weeks.

— And Motivational Monday second quarter is going right now. You can get the full year and get all the videos and comments from the first quarter, or just jump in on the second quarter. Both are great deals even at full price, let alone half price in a sale.


For the very kind comments and congratulations on Facebook, in email, and here on this blog. I really, really appreciate it and am honored beyond belief to have been offered the job as the new editor of Writers of the Future. It will be great fun and a lot of work as well. So thank you all for the congratulations. I very, very much appreciated them all.