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INCLUDES 2021, 2022, AND 2023 CLASSES

I am in the process of launching two or three of these a night. So they will be appearing on Teachable as this week and into next week. There are 24 choices of Collection Classes including six new in 2023.

Each class is 9 weeks long and you write five stories, do titles and blurbs and covers and publish the collection by the end of the nine weeks. If you turn in all nine assignments (5 are stories) you get credit for a Pop-Up of your choice.

The title of the class is the theme of the collection, but no genre restrictions at all. While you are writing a story-per-week in the middle, Dean and Kris have put together five weeks of information about writing for that specific theme.

 You can buy in a bundle the first-year classes, second-year classes, or third-year classes. (2023 is the third year. You buy five, get one free in the bundle.) The classes are all offered on the months shown and all six classes from each year are offered at least once in 2023. (They will be added to the first two year’s bundles as I launch them.)

The cost per 9-week class is $500. (Turn in all nine assignments get $150 credit for Pop-Up back.) Each class starts on the first Tuesday of the first month.

Here is the schedule… Remember, it will take me a week or so to get all these live on Teachable, so this is for planning.

And they make great challenges at different levels. You do all 18 (over a number of years) and when finished you have 18 books published. That can’t hurt. (grin)


  • GHOST STORIES (New in 3rd Year)
  • PETS (2nd Year)
  • PORTALS (1st Year)
  • PRIVATE EYES (1st Year)


  • CREATURES (New in 3rd Year)
  • SPIES (2nd Year)
  • HEROES/HEROINES (1st Year)
  • FANTASY (1st Year)


  • VILLAINS (New in 3rd Year)
  • GHOST STORIES (3rd Year Repeat)
  • SPACE OPERA (2nd Year)
  • HOLIDAYS(1st Year)


  • CITIES (New in 3rd Year)
  • THIEVES (2nd Year)
  • SPIES (2nd Year)
  • FANTASY (1st Year)


  • MONEY (New in 3rd Year)
  • CREATURES (3rd Year Repeat)
  • DYNASTY (2nd Year)
  • HOLIDAYS (1st Year)



  • MURDERERS (New in 3rd Year)
  • CITIES (3rd Year Repeat)
  • TIME TRAVEL (2nd Year)
  • RELATIONSHIPS (1st Year)





  • Mihnea Manduteanu

    Took this one last year, the portals one, and it started my writing career. Simple as that. Highly recommended. It was the first thing I ever published and I haven’t stopped.
    Now 9 weeks for five short stories makes me laugh 🙂 What a difference a year and a half makes.
    Forever grateful for this.