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Some Updates

Just Catching Up…

Update #1: If you backed our Crimes Collide kickstarter campaign, you should have gotten a survey on Friday. If you did not, check you spam filter in the email address you used on Kickstarter. If you still can’t find it, email Josh at

Update #2: February regular workshops start on Tuesday and Wednesday, including the new Pulp Speed Writing class, which will be interesting in a lot of ways. March workshops will get posted next week.

Update #3: Kris and I got a bunch of information on licensing this afternoon, some of which we knew, some of which was confirmed, some new. That will show up in the restart of the licensing class. Been a tough two years for licensing in general above basic levels. In fact, it is just starting to creep back.

Update #4: Decade Ahead restart is recorded and will be back live shortly. I will announce when I make videos live and email everyone in the class. I honestly never expected things to be still this uncertain two years into this mess. But we are going to start with the idea that things will smooth out through the year (I fricking hope.)

Update #5: Finished the 29th short story this month, so challenge is tracking, and I worked for a short time this afternoon doing covers so I can get stuff on Patreon. And will also put up Smith’s Monthly #57 on Patreon as well.  (That just came out. Cover and link information below.) And I am even a ways into the next novel. Amazing for this month.

Link to Smith’s Monthly #57 


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  • Stefon Mears

    The licensing class is restarting? Excellent! I signed up last year, but last year was rough. I never ended up getting to go through it.

    (Oh, and keep up the good work on your challenge!)