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Series Workshop and Study Along Workshop Starting

Writers Here In Vegas…

Fun dinner tonight with some of the writers here for the workshop, and also Loren Coleman is in town for a conference, so we had lunch with him. All kinds of fun today. (I bored the writers tonight with my being homeless in Vegas story back in the early 1970s.)

The Series Workshop, which was moved from last July in Lincoln City to now here in Las Vegas starts at the Golden Nugget in the morning. Kris is teaching that and it is an intense craft and writing workshop. I think it’s going to be great fun.

That means the online Study Along workshop starts in the morning as well. I hope those taking it have gotten the reading done. And you have your first short story done by noon tomorrow West Coast Time.

The study along does not have all the stuff the writers here in Las Vegas are getting from Kris. And I will be reading the stories from the Study Along people who turn them in. But even so, if you follow along every day as we hope, you should get a lot out of this Study Along workshop on Series.

Two or three times a day, after Kris gets done with a topic in the live class, I will talk about that topic for a short video or two and post it. That’s right, those of you taking the study along need to check the site two or three times a day.

And I will do a short webinar talking about the reason for each story assignment a day after the assignment is turned in. Kris recorded short videos about why she picked each book in the reading list. And the story assignments are hers as well.

So this should be a fun five days. Keep up folks if you want the most out of it.

And actually, if you really want the most out of the craft workshops, make it to Las Vegas for one taught by Kris. They are intense. We have room for two more in the Mystery workshop in April (reading has started) and three more in the Romance workshop in September.

Write me if interested.