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Some Short Story Covers

Just Having Fun Tonight…

Yes, I will do a wrap-up of the 15 days of tracking time, but next week. I want to do something else now.

So since I am laying out the paper edition of Smith’s Monthly #47 that will be out in a week or so, I had to do the covers for the five original short stories in the volume. And since I was still in a keeping track of time mode from the challenge, I can tell you that including finding the art, these five covers took exactly 1 hour and 45 minutes with InDesign. And cost me exactly $5.00 in real cost.

Four were in my Smith’s Stories template, the Marble Grant story has a different look.

Plus today I did all the introductions for Pulphouse #12, the June issue. I will turn that in on Monday.

So here are the covers. I kind of like them and they actually fit the stories really well. Got lucky on some of this art, that’s for sure.

Row of thumbnails first, then all five covers in larger size under that.




  • Mo

    Congratulations on completing the challenge. On another note, I was skeptical of being able to do my own covers, but seeing yours, perhaps, I could nudge my way to it. Thank you again for sharing your journey.

    • dwsmith

      As long as you don’t believe you can learn to do your own covers, that will be correct. It is a self-fulfilling belief system.

      One thing about critical voice. Repeating negative things always makes the negative things happen.

      “I’m having trouble finishing this story.” Yup, you never will finish it.

      “I can’t do my own covers.” Yup, you never will.

      And so on and so on. I hear negative coming out of a writer’s mouth or in a letter and I just nod and say, “See you.”

      Positive… “I’m going to finish this story.” Yup, you will.

      “I’m going to learn this year how to do my own covers.” Yup, you will.

      And so it goes.