Almost Forgot This Tonight

Very Close…

Had everything shut down, was heading to watch a little television before going to bed. Sort of felt like I had forgotten something.

You all know that nagging feeling…

I had just finished almost four hours on two major projects. I finished doing all the story and main introduction to Pulphouse Issue #12. A big issue this time.

And then I had spent the next hour doing the introductions and catching up my spread sheet for all the stories and such in Smith’s Monthly #48. I am also this weekend, laying out #47 (the covers from last night). So I had been doing a lot of different things, so no surprise it felt like I was forgetting something.

I was just about to shrug it off and figure I would catch it tomorrow when I heard the word “blog” sort of echo out over the city. (Fairly certain it was in my own mind since I can’t hear worth shit anymore.)

So here I am, typing with no topic, no thought, just wanting to get this done and get out of this office.

So Goodnight… Daily blog #3139 in a row without missing a day is now done. I can now sleep in peace. (grin)