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Some Fun

Secrets and Lies Storybundle Almost Done…

Just a little over two days now. So Mark Leslie and a few of us who have books in the bundle are going to have some fun on a Live Stream talking about the books and writing and whatever comes up.

The time for the live stream is Wednesday, April 14th at 4:30 pm East Coast Time. (1:30 pm my West Coast Time)

The links to watch it live are:

Listening to writers talk can sometimes be a lot of fun and Mark tends to make sure it is.
Also, you might want to grab the bundle ahead. You can get it at
10 great mystery novels for $15.00 (and it ends on Thursday).
So grab the bundle and then come and listen or ask Mark and I and any other author that shows up questions.
By the way, Mark Leslie was the guest editor of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #10 that came out in February. Not only is he a fantastic writer, but a great editor as well. And fun to listen to. Don’t miss this one on Wednesday.

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