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Smith’s Monthly Is Back!!!

After Three-Plus Years!!

Finally, Smith’s Monthly is back!!

Yes, I haven’t really been gone for over three years. Just the magazine has.

The date on Issue #44 of Smith’s Monthly is May 2017. The date on this new issue #45 is January 2021. So over three years.

For almost four years before that, I did an issue per month and didn’t miss. One new novel, four or five short stories, and part of a nonfiction book. Or earlier on, a serialized novel.

Every month.

And I enjoyed it.

All those issues are listed in posts on Smith’s Monthly web site, one at a time, with contents and cover. (Many of the covers are now older and will be replaced out over time.)

So what slowed me down at first were short stories. I needed to take some time and write a bunch of short stories. And I did that in just a month or so back then. In fact, right now, I have about fifty unpublished short stories just waiting for me to get back to this. That’s at least ten new issues. That pile is quickly growing.

And then some life events hit. Kris got really sick and we ended up moving for her health in 2018. And once that cleared after almost a full year, I found myself in a place I hadn’t been in for thirty years: A brand new writing environment. And to be honest, I floundered, working to set up new systems and new ways of writing that will hold me into the future.

That took another year. But I think I got it now and I am back writing at my old speeds again.

So this magazine was about to come back in April 2020. Oh, oh, we all know what happened then. Covid, and this got delayed again.

So the question then became: What to do with Smith’s Monthly dates?

I finally, after a lot of back and forth, just decided to tell everyone what happened and start the issue with January 2021. And I did and it’s now out.

And February issue is already being copyedited and I am about to turn in the March issue for copyediting. So off I go again into the future.

And to be honest, can’t tell you how excited I am.

You can subscribe if you want or just buy any issue on any major online bookstore, all the way back to the first issue.

Or you can just get this issue at Amazon and others will link to this shortly.

For those of you who have believed this will be back and have been very kind about waiting, I want to say thank you! It meant a lot to me.

So off into the future. Two more issues already in the pipeline.

Short Stories in this volume…

Black Coffee… A Marble Grant Story

Blind Poet

The Portal of Wrong Love… A Poker Boy Story

Cat in Waiting… A Pahket Jones Story

Full Writing Book in this volume

Stages of a Fiction Writer… A WMG Publishing Writer’s Guide

Full Novel in this volume

Head’s Up: A Cold Poker Gang Novel


    • dwsmith

      I used to, so more than likely yes, after all the subscribers get their copies (Paper will be slow because of the pandemic, of course.) So more than likely yes, but will take me a few months to figure out Patreon again and what I can do. Patreon was always to support my blog, but then started doing Smith’s Monthly and that got added as a thank you for supporting my blog. I am going to try to figure out back Patreons as well. In other words, that part of all this is still a mess. But I will get it figure out in the next month or so. (grin)

      • Céline Malgen

        I also hope you’ll find a way to make it work on Patreon as well.

        Congratulations on getting Smith’s Monthly back!

        • dwsmith

          Really working on it on Patreon, but before I go too far I want all the subscribers who have been waiting so long to have gotten their copies. Then I will work on figuring out that, which I plan to do and quickly.

    • dwsmith

      Thank you, sir! It does feel good and since you were there at the beginning of it all, you remember the craziness of the entire project. (grin)