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Cover Fun

Got Playing Around…

I’m going to be putting out some collections this spring and through the summer and fall, so tonight I got playing around with some covers.

I managed to do both of these, both wrap for paperback (except for spine… got to have page count first) and epub covers. It took me just slightly over 45 minutes to do both, and that included finding the art work, which is always the hardest part in my opinion.

So thought you might like to see two of my collections that will be out over the next month or so. I’ll do more covers later for more collections.

The first collection is for my Marble Grant character. She had about five stories in Smith’s Monthly back in 2017 and there will be a new one in Issue #45 coming out any moment and another in Issue #46, the February issue. She is a ghost agent in the Poker Boy universe and often works with other series characters.

The second collection is for five of my strangest alien stories. It includes one of my most famous alien stories, “In Search of the Perfect Orgasm.” I was sitting watching a show one night when the announcer of the show singled out that story out of the collection it was published in. Damn near knocked me off the couch.

So here are the rough of the covers. These collections will be out in a month or two.