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Slightly late posting on this one…

Wanted to See If Pictures Appeared…

From the run yesterday on the run web site, but they are not up yet, so only picture I got is one Kris took as I came across the finish line. Yes, Kris was that far ahead of me that she could finish, get out her camera, and get set to take pictures of me finishing.

Actually my time wasn’t that bad. I had been walking/running regularly for the first two plus miles, staying ahead of Kris and then she would pass me while I was walking. Then the course went across a couple parking lots (very hot) and along a very shadeless sidewalk and no chance was I going to push myself through that with my heat problems.

So I walked it and by the time I got to a place I could run again, I couldn’t even see Kris anymore.

So we went out, had a great lunch, I watched a few movies I had wanted to see, then worked on the last of the challenge reading and other stuff. So a great day. Here is the only picture at the moment of me and the run.

And a fun picture of Kris and the park we were in outside of Las Vegas that I took ahead of the run.


    • dwsmith

      Nah, purposeful delay on this one. But one of these days I’m going to miss. Just not today. (grin)

  • Nate

    You’re running in May, in Vegas?

    Speaking as someone who lived there for three years, are you out of your mind?

    • dwsmith

      It’s a really nice May this year. It was in the low 60s when we started. We would have bailed if the temperatures had gone up into the 90s. It was warmer on the coast in Oregon in our old home town that day than it was here. Very weird, but the heat is coming. We’re ready. I have moved my short sleeve shirts to the front of my closet after a long winter of them being in the back. (grin)

  • Stephanie

    Looks really warm out for running. (I don’t miss that about the desert in Tucson at all).
    Glad the run went well.

    Curious what movies you saw. We’ve recently been to Avengers:Endgame and Detective Pikachu. The whole family enjoyed both movies a lot.

    • dwsmith

      Oh, I watched a couple old ones on television. RED and SWAT. Action adventure. Funny voice stuff as well. Guess my mind is headed there for a reason. (grin)

      • Linda Jordan

        RED is such an awesome movie! Love RED 2 as well, even though it’s got some problems. The characters and acting are amazing. Helen Mirrin as an assassin – wonderful. Two of my favorites!