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Six Days… Six New Stories

Got Past the First Bump…

Had a stupidly crazy week of things that needed to be done now. Including recording three Pop-Up classes that did not get done and putting together five collections (that also didn’t get done yet.) Those will happen shortly.

But we do have a new Kickstarter coming next week if we get approved. I built it and it’s a great one.

And all the time I was writing short stories. Six in six days. But today I was tired, wanted to just go watch television, and had not gotten much of a start earlier on the story (meaning 400 words) So 11:30 pm I wanted to just miss a day, but with the challenge and the habits I am building, I went to my writing computer and finished a new Bryant Street story.

I will have time to catch up on covers and talk about the writing in the next few days. But trust me, hitting the story tonight was getting over the first hump.

And I hope this week to do another chapter in the book Wet Blanket Reality. So stay tuned.

(And by the way, the story tonight was the first story of the six that was not a novel start. Finally I didn’t have to spend time wrapping down the start of a novel into a short story.)

And Patreon will get fixed this weekend and “raw” stories sent out.



  • Thomas Bennett

    Hey Dean,

    Have you ever thought about doing a pop up for how to wrap down a short story? I know you have a full workshop on endings. But I wonder if something like “Tricks for Wrapping a Short Story,” might not fit into a pop up class.

    Thanks for all you do!

    • dwsmith

      It might, Thomas. We have something along those lines in the next Kickstarter we do. It is mystery and one of the special workshops will be how to write mystery endings to sell your next books. There is a real tick to those.

      But how to wrap a short story ending down that wants to be a novel, and mostly likely will be? That would be a good pop-up. Got it on the list.

      • Anitha Krishnan

        I’d love to get my hands on this pop-up. My short stories have been stretching into novellas, and I don’t know how to work the endings accordingly. Looking forward to it! Thank you for all you do, Dean!