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General Stuff… And Story Challenge

Five Stories So Far…

Everything going fine. 3 stories in the 2,500 word range, two stories in the 4,000 word range. I got jammed today building a new Kickstarter, so didn’t get the stories uploaded to Patreon or the rest of what I was going to do there, but will shortly. And will do a challenge complete update here shortly as well, including how the days are working out as far as timing.

Workshop Sale will finally end today (Thursday in the evening). Use code YearEnd if you want to grab one last class on 50% off sale.

I have been holding up on my calorie limits and hitting my steps each day. Weight stuck, but should be starting to drop again in a day or so. Pretty proud of myself that I did not gain a pound over the entire two weeks of holidays. Stunning.

And Kris and I both have been staying safe as much as possible from this surge, but we did get to see another of the penthouses here. There are only seven and someone was moving out of one, so we went and talked to the moving organizer and got a tour of that condo. Very interesting, but needs some massive remodel. I like ours a lot better, but that had a deck to die for. (And no, we have no intention of moving again for a number of years. This was just for curious sake.

We have now seen three of the seven penthouses. Great fun.

So now going to go watch some television and get away from these computers. Night.