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Short Story Pop-Up

Pop-Up #14 Will Be Up Tomorrow…


Yup, I went and did it. I’ve done numbers of blogs on this topic, so figured it was time to add more to it and put it all in video form. And, of course, a short story assignment is included and is something special.

I will have the Pop-Up available and in the bundles tomorrow evening (Tuesday), but since I just had fun recording it, thought I would mention it here.

— Also going to be doing more videos in the Licensing Transition tomorrow or Wednesday, so might want to jump in on that if you are not there yet.

— And still got five spots open in the Business Master Class from October 25th through the 29th. Massive amounts of information and spouses attend for free.

Now off to get some sleep.

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  • Annie Reed

    My spouse will be attending some (if not all) of the sessions with me this year. *g* It’s such a great deal! Thanks for letting spouses do that.