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Holiday Pop-Up Special!!!

Write New Stories for Each Pop-Up…

There are fourteen Pop-Ups in the series now. List is below. And for a short week or so with each one when it first appeared, anyone who signed up got a chance to write a story from a prompt and send it to me. But once that week was past, the opportunity to write passed. Videos are all still there to learn from, of course. (About 12-15 videos per Pop-Up on each subject.)

Right now, #14 How to Make a Living Writing Short Fiction has a story prompt with it that is due in just under two weeks. And you can sign up for it either directly or in the bundle of #11-20 or #11-15. (On Teachable.)

But the story prompts for the first 13 Pop-Ups are past. So Kris and I figured it would be a fun holiday special (since everyone else does them) to allow stories to be written in those First 10 Pop-Ups. But you have to buy the bundle of the 10 Pop-Ups in the next five days to get to write stories over the next three months.

So here are the details and rules to this special, plus a list of the Pop-Ups and deadline dates

Rule #1… You need to buy the bundle with the ones you want to write for before Sunday night at midnight if you want to be a part of this. So if you want to write stories for the first 10, you need to buy that bundle. Get them on Teachable.

Rule #2… Starting with the 1st Pop-Up, I will set (in the guidelines under the story prompt) a deadline. (see below) You must turn in the story the week before the deadline, not sooner (or after the deadline). So this will last 10 weeks starting on September 8th. That’s right, you will write 10 stories in ten weeks.

Rule #3… If you are in the weekly story Great Challenge, yes stories for this will also count in the weekly challenge. You have to send them to me twice, though, once with the Pop-Up subject line and once with the Challenge subject line.

Rule #4… If you already wrote a story for a Pop-Up in the first ten, you can’t do this again for that Pop-Up. Sorry. But if you are already signed up and missed the story deadline to a Pop-Up, you can submit a story for the designated week in the Pop-Up you missed the first time around.

Rule #5… Unlike the challenge where I sometimes get a week or two behind, I will read these every week.

So here is the list of the first 10 Pop-Ups that have had story deadlines go by.

This special is a second chance to not only learn from the videos, but write a story to a prompt. And have a ton of fun. But you have to buy into all this learning and writing before Sunday night. That’s the point of the Holiday Weekend Special.

#1 Pop-Up… The Comic Greats! (story deadline Sept 15th)
#2 Pop-Up… Your Own Bookstore(story deadline Sept 22nd)
#3 Pop-Up… Short Romance Fiction (story deadline Sept 29th)
#4 Pop-Up… Writing Clean First Draft (story deadline Oct 6th)
#5 Pop-Up… Remaining Focused (story deadline Oct 13th)
#6 Pop-Up… Writing Mysteries into the Dark (story deadline Oct 20th)
#7 Pop-Up… Second-Hand Sales (story deadline Oct 27th)
#8 Pop-Up… Kickstarter for Fiction Writers (We are doing one now and Kris just finished a Diving one in May.)(story deadline Nov 3rd)
#9 Pop-Up… The Author Problem (story deadline Nov 10th)
#10 Pop-Up… Selling Fun for Fiction Writers (story deadline Nov 17th)

Remember…  #14 is up and going now and you can sign up for it now if you want.
#14 Pop-Up… Making a Living with Short Fiction (Just up and running now.(story deadline Sept 8th))

Questions, feel free to write me. And again, to sign up for this special, just buy the Bundle of Pop-Ups on Teachable.