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Short Story and Fun Project

Writing a Lot of Short Stories Lately…

Tonight I just finished a new Poker Boy story for a project, got another cat story to write for the cat books, and have another story assignment.

But one story assignment I hope you will all help me get comes through this really nifty Kickstarter campaign going on from the amazing Robert T. Jeschonek. Many of you know Robert from his fantastic stories in both Fiction River and Pulphouse Magazine, but he also writes amazing novels and sells his short fiction to just about every major market.

And now he is editing this wild and fun idea and wants me to write a short story for it. Of course. Duh.

But he first has to fund this Kickstarter.

In just a day or so, he is off to a fantastic start and headed for funding. And if that happens, I get to write a really fun 1970s-style sf story.

Oh, wait… I was writing science fiction in 1970s. Oh, this will be fun time-traveling back.

The writers Robert has invited and who said yes is an amazing group of writers that I will be proud to share the book with. So help it happen, folks.

Space: 1975 is the campaign title.

And here is the nifty video. Only a minute long. Fun!!