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September Workshops Are Up

They Start Very Early This September…

On the 1st and 2nd. So they are now all available, including the new workshop COVERS 101.

And yes, lifetime subscribers, September Covers 101 is in your subscription and you can take it the first time through or wait until later in the fall or winter. Your choice.

(Boy, lifetime workshop subscriptions are an amazing deal.)

Here are the workshops in September. Notice Kickstarter Basics Workshop is going to run every other month, so its next time up is in October.

I will have the October workshops live in the next day or so as well. Getting ahead and caught up at the same time.

The special Writing Space Opera workshop can only be signed up for in the next five days on the Return of Boss Kickstarter. That is the only place to sign up for it. 3 weeks long and $150, plus if you sign up for that you get at least three new Pop-Ups, maybe a 4th if we get to $20,000, which will be a push at this point. You can take it in September or October, your choice. It will be really fun, I can promise you.

It is NOT in the lifetime subscription and never will be. None of the special Kickstarter workshops are. You get them only through a campaign.

So here is the list of September workshops now open on Teachable. (October workshops will be live as well in a few days.)

Class #21… Sept 1st … Covers 101
Class #22… Sept 1st … Licensing 101
Class #23… Sept 1st … Publishing 101
Class #24… Sept 1st … Writing into the Dark
Class #25… Sept 1st … Writing Sales Copy
Class #26… Sept 2nd … Depth in Writing
Class #27… Sept 2nd … Writing Short Stories
Class #28… Sept 2nd … Killing Critical Voice
Class #29… Sept 2nd… Writing with Emotion
Class #30… Sept 2nd… Advanced Depth