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September Regular Workshops Starting

Yes, They Are Starting… It Really Is September…

August seems to have vanished, we are past the time of great forgetting and time to fire back up on your writing. And workshops can help you get the focus back. But something special about these September regular workshops. After September, four of these workshops will no longer be regular workshops, but instead will be classic.

That’s right, for almost half of these workshops it will be the last time you can take it with homework turned in.

Research, Author Voice, Point of View, and Novel Structure are all going to Classic after this month.

So if you want to take these workshop and do the assignments, this is your last chance.

So last call for those workshops in regular format. They are starting now.

(If you are a lifetime subscriber, or sign up for a lifetime workshop subscription, you will still be able to do the assignments and send them to me on those five workshops. Lifetime subscribers have a ton of benefits.)

Class #21… Sept 3rd … Depth #3: Research (Last time as Regular.)
Class #22… Sept 3rd… Author Voice (Last time as Regular.)
Class #23… Sept 3rd … Attitude
Class #24… Sept 3rd … Writing into the Dark
Class #25… Sept 3rd… Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #26… Sept 4th … Depth in Writing
Class #27… Sept 4th …Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #28… Sept 4th … Point of View (Last time as Regular.)
Class #29… Sept 4th … Novel Structure (Last time as Regular.)
Class #30… Sept 4th … Advanced Depth

Sign up on Teachable.

What I find amazing, looking back, is how few people took the Research workshop, yet I consider that one of our best. Also going classic is Character Development. So five new classic workshops in October and a couple more in November, including Writing Westerns. October will be its last shot.

And interestingly enough, one of the stretch goals on the Pulphouse Kickstarter we are trying to reach is to give everyone a choice of Classic Workshops. And after this move, there will be 28 classic workshops to pick from.

So if you get a chance, back the Kickstarter and get a free lecture and a free classic workshop (if we reach the stretch goal) and if we go high enough, even more surprises. Plus some great reading, of course.

You can get regular workshops at $250 on the Kickstarter, which is a $300 credit, or two Classic workshop credits. A good deal.

And don’t forget to add in the How to Write a Pulphouse Story workshop. Only place you will ever be able to sign up for it is on Teachable. It can be added to another reward. It will never be offered anywhere else, even to lifetime subscribers.


  • Phillip McCollum

    The Research workshop is flat out fun. I learned a lot as well, but the assignments were some of my favorites. I’m glad I have the lifetime membership, but for those who can’t afford that, yet can still manage a single workshop, I heartily recommend it.

  • PD

    Some great classes going to classic, and two Classic Workshops for $250? That’s a no brainer for me. Off to add-on to my pledge. 🙂