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You Get Books…

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter…

The Subscription Drive hit its third stretch goal, so everyone backing the kickstarter at this point gets the following:

1… An extra issue of the magazine.
2… Two special anthologies.
3… Choice of a WMG Lecture

And we are on the way to the next stretch goal, which will get a third book for everyone and choice of a Classic Workshop, and considering six workshops are being added to the classic list this next month, that’s perfect timing.

So I hope you back the subscription drive. Some great reading.

And for you writers, there are numbers of options there for workshops as well, one spot in the mentor program starting at the first of the year left, and a workshop you can only get through the Kickstarter called How to Write a Pulphouse Story.

That is a three week workshop offered only in October and November, and will never be open to anyone except those who sign up on the Kickstarter. But if you want another reward and the workshop, you can just add the workshop amount into your other chosen reward and we will get you signed up on the workshop when the Kickstarter finishes.

We have numbers of add-ons there that you can do that with. So take a look and help us get to that next stretch goal with a third book and a classic workshop.

Again, no one gets into the How to Write a Pulphouse Story workshop unless they sign up on Kickstarter. And only nine days left, so don’t delay.

And we will be posting the stretch goal beyond that shortly. We’re calling it the Zip-Line Stretch Goal. It is really amazing and if you are a backer, you will want us to get there. So pass the word when you can.

And here is the video explaining it all. (got to click on it a second time to get it to play.)