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Motivational Monday Second Quarter

Just Posted Monday Videos…

In the 2nd Quarter…

That’s right, the first quarter of Motivational Mondays is done and to keep going you need to either have the full year or sign up for the second quarter. And guess what, there is a half-price sale going on right now.

For half price, you can get the full year and go back over the first quarter if you missed it, or just grab the second quarter.

Half Price sale is for everything on Teachable. Just hit purchase what you want, then remember to put in the code


(all one word) to get the class or whatever at half price.

Lots of great stuff. From Study Along classes to Novella classes to Collection classes to Challenges and so much more. Including a new Lifetime Subscription to all Pop-Ups.

But don’t forget Motivational Monday videos and the Pithy comment of the week. Never know when something might help.


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  • Buddy Tripp

    Quick question- If I sign up for Depth, will it start with the next session? I see that his month’s already started.