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Secrets and Lies Storybundle


Kris put together what I think might be one of the best mystery StoryBundles in a long, long time. And I feel really lucky to have a book in this one, let me tell you. Here is the link to get it:

There are some amazing novels and stories in this bundle and if you love mystery, you don’t want to miss it. I even have one of my Cold Poker Gang novels in this called Dead Hand. It would be a good one to jump into the series with.

On another topic, all the surveys went out today on The Return of the Fey kickstarter. If you backed the project and didn’t get a survey, first check your spam filter. More than likely it is there. If not, check the update on the campaign that tells you what to do to get help at that point. Kris and I are working on the stretch reward Pop-Up classes. We will have them all done and posted by the time the rewards go out sometime around the 20th.