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Saving The World Storybundle Almost Done!


I set off to put this Storybundle called Saving the World together with a goal. I wanted to find as many ways as possible to save the world and as many worlds as possible to save. I figured that would be really fun for me to read and I hoped that a lot of you would feel the same.

And what I was lucky enough to end up with is eight novels and two major collections of short stories, all fantastic. And fun.

And on top of that, four of the books in this bundle can ONLY be found in this bundle. That’s right, they are exclusive to the bundle.

And now there are only a day or so left to grab this great bundle. Don’t miss it, folks. It’s worth if for the four original-to-the-bundle books alone!

Go to and grab it. You’ll be happy you did.


  • Terri Picone

    I bought a Story Bundle for NaNoWriMo (through Joanna Penn) that included your video series on the Stages of a Writer. It was like finding a new word in a dictionary that explains exactly what I was looking for. Very helpful.

    Would you suggest revising the two novels I have been polishing for a few years OR let them stay in a drawer and move on? I’ve been working on the craft for over 10 years and feel like I’m in Stage 3 except I’d never heard of Heinlein’s Rules and so have believed in polishing as an absolute rule for writing great fiction. I like the stories but feel stuck in revisions. I’ve also considered letting the old drafts go and starting these stories over from scratch.

    Thank you for sharing what you know and, in advance, for any suggestions on my work.

    • dwsmith

      Terri, I don’t rewrite. I always face forward. You are better off, in my opinion, since you asked, to consider the first two manuscripts as practice and just move forward. If you face forward and work into the future, you will have more fun and get more done.