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Saturday Night…

Too Busy Working On a Novel…

To spend too much time writing a long, thoughtful post. So basically this is another one of those filler blogs to keep my streak alive.

I think this is 3,100 days in a row without missing writing and posting a blog here. Might be 3,101 days in a row. Too busy to spend the time and check exactly. (grin)

Now I admit that is silliness. But still going.

And the Return of the Fey Kickstarter campaign is still going and Kris and I are putting final touches on a Pop-Up class every day and I am recording one a day. Which is why I am behind where I want to be on this novel.

But ever known a writer who wasn’t behind on their writing? I think that is a constant state in this household. On both sides.

So this is my filler. Now I am going to have one more day on my blog streak and get back to the novel in progress.


  • hugh dale walker

    you’re an inspiration. i don’t know how you do so much. i just became aware of you through Michael La Ronn. I am a newby writer who self published 2 books on Amazon – ‘The Box of Secrets’ and ‘Christmas Candles.’ i learned from your 2017 youtube interview with Kris.
    keep smiling.


  • Balázs

    I started a blog this year with the intention to do posts every Wednesday and Sunday. Not every day, but still is a challenge to me. I don’t even hide the secret that I am following your method… Thanks for the inspiration.