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Colliding Worlds Sent to Backers…

All Six Books in Electronic Format…

At the moment, only the backers on the Kickstarter Colliding Worlds project got them. The paper  and signed copies will take another month and it all will go on sale in the middle of April. I am really looking forward to seeing this set on my shelf. Kris and I are both really happy with how it turned out, to be honest. We each gave a new life to sixty of our short stories, ten each in each book.

What a fun idea that was. I will let you all know when they are for sale to the general public. Amazing how many science fiction short stories we have both written. I don’t think we really scratched the surface.

And I am having fun with the two special workshops from that campaign. A couple people told me the Vastness of Space workshop messed with their mind in a fun way. (grin)

Today Kris and I structured out the final details on the Pop-Up #29: Epic Fantasy World Building. And I recorded it. Great fun for me. That is the first of a number of brand new Pop-Ups that are stretch rewards in the Return of the Fey Kickstarter campaign. Going to be some good ones and they will all be live by the time the campaign ends and we are allowed by Kickstarter to send out rewards. Check them out and pass the word to get more folks to back the campaign so there can be even more classes and books.

Here are five of the six books that shipped in electronic form today to those who got the books in the Colliding Worlds Kickstarter.