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Sale Extended and My Challenge

Sale Extended Until Thursday Evening…

We have extended the sale, meaning leave the code in place, until Thursday evening.

So you can get anything on WMG Teachable for half price until Thursday by hitting purchase and then using the code


If you missed something you wanted or the sale went by and you didn’t notice until now, it’s not done yet. The reason is that we had two people ask if they could get the half price sale in a day or so, and I talked with WMG and we decided if we give it to them, we needed to just leave it open for everyone. Win/Win.

So remember, on Teachable find what you want, hit the purchase and then on the next page put in the code:


And remember all the January regular workshops have now started.

And those of you in January classes from the Holiday Spectacular kickstarter, they started as well.

And the January/February collection classes started as well. Pets Collections, Private Eye Collection, or Portals Collection.


Going along fine. Finished the fourth story tonight. I will do a longer post about the challenge tomorrow and get the raw stories to those on Patreon who signed up for them.

Also will do more on Patreon for those who have been holding on for a time and supporting this blog. That meant a lot to me.

Still no new posts at all yet, but coming soon. I do have the new tiers in place.


  • Connor Whiteley

    Hi Dean, great the challenge is going well.
    Quick heads up if you need it, I know you and Kris were thinking about doing a Make 100 Kickstarter at some point. Not sure if you know about this but Kickstarter changed a step in the payment vertification process so it redirects you to Stripe. I spend an hour tonight trying to work it out and let it vertify my information but it wasn’t working, and I had to email Kickstarter for help.
    So in case you have similar problems, plan a bit more extra time into your schedule prehaps.
    Have a good week!