• Kate Pavelle

    Thank you, Dean, for sharing. Thank you, Ron, for writing! The perspective is useful to me and it really helped me realize that my own perception of how I am doing in publishing doesn’t necessarily reflect reality. I had written a “measly” 200K or a bit more to date, but I’ve also been working on the basic infrastructure of indie publishing.
    Plus a part-time day job earlier in the year.
    Plus a health life roll.
    Plus family stuff.
    So my overall production is actually not all that bad. Lower than I had planned, true, but still respectable. I’m still in the game, my writing has come back to me after the cold storage that was Covid, and and I’m relieved to be having fun again.
    Ron’s post had me realize that the infamous Critical Voice has a cousin, Critical Supervisor. The CS is a real jerk and guilt-trips writers over their publishing practices in the small hours of the night, making sleep difficult.
    So jettison CS along with CV! They can annoy each other while you close the doors on them, and have some fun in a world of your own making.

  • Sheila

    That was a great viewpoint article. I think a lot of people are still stuck in the mindset that writing “fast”, doing more than a book every couple of years, means it’s bad. What I take away from the pulp speed posts is that once you learn your craft, once you have it internalized, and if you can be consistent, you can get a lot more words down, without all the worry, the editing, the “polishing” things over and over. You can trust yourself to do it right the first time, and in self publishing, the more words you can get that are ready to get out there, the better you can do.

    Knowledge, practice, and consistency (butt in chair, hands on keyboard).