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Reset In August

Not Enough Hours In the Month…

Over the last seven days or so, I had been wondering why I hadn’t gotten to more hours at the computer. I was having a blast with the novel and with the writing, but just found myself doing things that needed to be done with the move and workshops.

So yesterday I got the movers appointment set. It will be the 21st of the month. About 11 days I have to have everything in our old two condos boxed, the last of it moved up here to this new place that Kris and I needed to move (mostly a few books and a lot of art). Then I needed to have a lot of boxes packed and shelves off the walls and all ready to move to storage on the morning of the 21st.

Over the last few days I had been falling behind on that because I had taken time to write. Oops.

I also have three new workshops to record weeks of over the next two weeks. (One goes on for eight more weeks, but the other two end in two weeks.) And I also have the very first class of 50 in the Business Master Class to record. That is a lot of work for me and Kris to put together and then for me to record and load. And before the end of the month we will also do the second class of the Business Master Class recorded as well.

Plus right now I am building a new Kickstarter Campaign for a Pulphouse Magazine subscription drive. For the next two weeks that is going to take a lot of time as well.

So with the movers deadline set yesterday, I spent an hour or so today, walking around looking at things and  just adding up the hours of work left to do this month not counting the hours needed to have fun and finish this book and three more.

Math did not work. Not even close for four novels. Plus I need to get back to the gym every day since it is far, far too hot for me to exercise around here. (Hit 116 degrees here today, hotter tomorrow.)

So I sat back and looked hard at August. No move. Nothing major starting. Lots of time to exercise and write.


I am going to finish this book or short novel or long novella in the next few days. Then I am going to start a second book and finish it this month as well.

Then with the momentum of this month, I will do four novels in August, with the blog and everything as I started this month.

So challenge postponed.

An insane challenge brushed by a coating of sanity for this month. (grin)

Or as Kris reminded me, I will fail to success. Two novels this month and four next month.

So stay tuned.

And even with all that and being exhausted today, I got about 2,000 words done. Damn the book is fun and I have no idea at all how they are going to solve it. Got to keep writing to find that out.


  • Harvey+Stanbrough

    Not only will you fail to success, but you’ll put pressure back in its proper perspective. (grin) That’s another thing you taught me years ago: Pressure is great to get you to the keyboard, but once you sit down, pressure needs to disappear. THAT we write is important; WHAT we write, length, etc. not so much.

    These days I figure the characters’ stories are ongoing in another dimension or something even when I’m not checking in on them. (Just like the neighbors’ et al lives are going on even when we aren’t aware.)

    When I write, I just open the window and record what they give me. I remain the luckiest guy on Earth that they chose me to run through the story with them, trying to keep up, writing down what they say and do.

  • Karen+F.

    And the “Fail to Success” mentality has kept me sane when the evil subconcious tries to tell me I’m not doing enough. Documenting what I HAVE done kicks that to the curb… because I’m doing more now than I did in previous years. I just have to keep reminding myself that….