Challenge,  On Writing

Day Eight

Lots of Stuff Happening…

Ended up getting another 3,000 plus words done, but again not breaking up into the next level for production for no reason other than I am just doing too many other things. And the story is fun, although I have a nagging feeling it will end up shorter than longer. Considering how bumpy a start this has been, I suppose that is better. At this point anything above a novella would be a win.

How It Went…

Got to the writing computer right at noon again today. Got 1,000 words or so done before heading off with Kris for lunch to work on the first thing in the Business Master Class.

Each of about forty parts of the Business Master Class that will appear over the next 300 days will be stand-alone. We figure about $5,000 if you bought each part of the Master Business Class Series alone, but if you are signed up for the Business Master Class itself, you get into all of them.

And an invite to the suite at the Licensing Expo in May. So signing up for the Master Business Class might be a good thing.

I did another session in the afternoon of writing, but worked on move stuff, including setting up the movers again and going and getting a new storage unit. Amazing how much more work this move has become than I thought it would be.

Tonight after dinner and watching part of a movie, I did some more workshop stuff and then moved a cat from my writing chair and got another session done.

So today I had time for about seven or eight sessions, did three. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Nothing more for tonight. Brain has shut down.


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