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Regular and Classic Workshops

These Are All Available in the Sale

Since yesterday I talked a little about the really fun collections classes, today I thought I would list the regular workshops that are starting in May and June that are available to sign up for in the sale.

Both months of classes include the brand new six-week workshop STAGES OF A PUBLISHER. (It is in the Lifetime Subscription for those who have or buy that.)


The next regular workshop to be launched is called: Fear Based Decision Making. You can not believe how many bad decisions writers make because of fear. Going to be a very important workshop as Kris and I try to help you understand that process and get out of it.

It is not available now in the sale, but you can get it through the Lifetime Subscription in the sale or by buying three regular workshop credits and saving one. It will be available to buy in mid-May. As I said, it will launch in June and be offered every month for numbers of months after that.

Here is the list of the two months of regular workshops now available to get at half price by using the code IN-BETWEEN.

Class #41… May 4th … Covers 101
Class #43… May 4th … Publishing 101
Class #44… May 4th … Writing into the Dark
Class #45… May 4th … Writing Sales Copy
Class #46… May 5th … Depth in Writing
Class #47… May 5th … Writing Short Stories
Class #48… May 5th … Killing Critical Voice
Class #49… May 5th … Stages of a Publisher
Class #50… May 5th … Advanced Depth

Class #51… June 1st … Covers 101
Class #52… June 1st … Attitude
Class #53… June 1st … Publishing 101
Class #54… June 1st … Writing with Speed
Class #55… June 1st … Teams in Fiction
Class #56… June 2nd … Depth in Writing
Class #57… June 2nd … Kickstarter
Class #59… June 2nd … Stages of a Publisher
Class #60… June 2nd… Killing Critical Voice

Two Workshops Have Moved to Classic

Emotion in Your Writing is now a classic workshop and Licensing 101 is now a classic workshop. Classic workshops are half the price as the regular six week workshops, you do them at your own speed, and you don’t turn in any homework.

All 34 Classic Workshops are available at half price by using the code IN-BETWEEN.

But remember, this half-price sale ends TUESDAY. Don’t miss it.


  • Kristi N.

    Dean, I’m hoping to take the Copyright courses/lectures WMG offers (soon!), but after a discussion came up on a professional FB group, I was wondering if you cover moral rights and rights of publicity in them. I had no idea before taking a general IP lecture on LinkedIn that moral rights are not assignable in some countries, and the strictness of some rights of publicity. The question I see most often is whether writers can use public figures in their writing or not, and it’s interesting to read some of the responses as well as the reasoning behind them.

    • dwsmith


      95% of the writers reading this just went… “What?” And thus the problem.

      As far as the rights of publicity, well most mix all kinds of different issues into that kind of discussion, from the right to privacy under both statue and common law, to trademark, with bits of copyright tossed in just to screw with things, plus different customs and rules from country to country. In other words, YIKES!! And rights of publicity are far, far more than copyright issues. (Thinking of it that way is another example of how little most people don’t understand the basics of copyright.)

      My general rule is that if the person is alive, don’t use them without their written permission. And even then, why bother??? If they died in this century and the last century, don’t use them. Make up your own character. That will keep you out of more problems than you can imagine. And it is a simple rule to remember. If they died after 1900, don’t use them. Period.

      Moral rights vary some even under Berne from country to country. Again, it takes an understanding of basic copyright before moral rights even start to make sense. This country, outside of some common law stuff, did not even accept moral rights until we signed onto Berne in the last 1980s. And even then we limited it. Going any deeper than that will just confuse people more than I already have because most don’t understand and haven’t bothered to learn moral rights and how they are and can be used.

      • Kristi N.

        Thank you for your reply, Dean. Just by what you said, you solidified parts of what I think I understand (but probably don’t completely yet).