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Exercise Streak Started

May 1st Start…

This isn’t actually the start of my moving toward exercise and losing weight. In fact, I have been working on it since February to change eating habits, increase distance, and start the drop in weight. Today finally I feel I can start the daily distance streak.

And yes, I know I said back on November 15th when I completed that marathon that I would not do another.

Well, with luck, I lied. Maybe another one before my 71st birthday, and a few after as well.

This fall I have (and am) signing up for a bunch of 10k weekend charity runs, already signed up for two half marathons and two marathons over the winter.

Only this time I am going to attempt to do it right. If I am not down to running weight and trained correctly, I won’t get near any of those long races.

Last year, because of the inability to do the slightest bit of training besides walking the hallways of the condo, I was not only out of shape, but 20 pounds too heavy. A pure miracle I made that 26 mile distance.

That’s right, twenty pounds too heavy. My running weight is 175, I completed that marathon at 195.

This year I can return to the track at the gym for the hot summer days. Air-conditioned track, five and a half laps is a mile. Really, really nice, with views all the way around of the entire valley. Today at the gym I did four miles and added one more mile-plus otherwise. 5.2 miles total.

Start of a streak of a minimum of 5 miles per day.

I will keep track of it as long as it lasts on the right side of this page. If I miss, the streak tracking will just vanish.

From where I am at this morning I need to lose 35 pounds ideal, 30 pounds will get to running weight for me.

I have May, June, July, August, and September. Five months before the first half marathon. Completely healthy pace on the weight loss and the training.

By the end of July I want to have 5 mile base on this challenge to be an easy day. By September, 5 miles to maintain the streak will be basically a day off.

For the time this will take, it is not small. Today it took me 2.5 hours from the moment I left the condo to drive to the gym, walk four miles on the track, then stop and get take-out dinner on the way home. And another twenty minutes later in the evening to get the last mile. Once I start running more with the weight coming down, it will take a little less time. But basically three hours a day I am giving to this now as top priority. At my age, staying healthy is everything.

So I have been at the gym a number of times now. It is safe, masks at all times, and I am vaccinated.

So here I go again.

Here is a picture from the marathon on November 15th, 2020. Just under six months ago. This was taken about the five mile mark, before I stepped on a large rock and tore up my heal and mostly walked the rest of the way. (Remember, the weight in this picture was 20 pounds too heavy and I wasn’t trained. I was just stupid and stubborn.)