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Six Collections Classes

All Six Classes Are Available Over the Coming Year…

The idea is to not only learn about a topic, but also learn how to put a collection together from five original short stories you wrote on that topic and publish it by the end of the nine-week class.

We have six topics and starting on the 4th of May, the Private Eye Collections class starts, as well as the Portals Collection Class. They both run for 9 weeks.

But there is a way to take one or all six (if you want to write 30 short stories over a year and end up with six collections for sale). We have scheduled them in such a way that you can take all six over an entire year.

There are some similarities on the basics of collections, but most of the class is learning about the topic.

The six Collection Classes are Portals, Heroes/Heroines, Private Eye, Fantasy, Holidays, and Relationships.

So here are the list of Collection Classes and when they are offered. There is a bundle where you can get all six for the price of five.

Or you can just buy one or two or three now during the sale at half price.

May/June… Private Eye and Portals classes.

July/August… Fantasy and Heroes/Heroines classes

Sept/Oct… Holidays and Private Eye and Portals classes

Nov/Dec… Relationship and Fantasy and Heroes/Heroines classes

Jan/Feb 2022… Holidays and Private Eye and Portals classes

March/April 2022… Relationship and Fantasy and Heroes/Heroines classes.

Been meaning to write some stories and publish a collection???

Well, here are the deadlines you need. And I will guide you through making your own cover, the sales copy, and where to sell them. Every detail from the title to hitting publish.

Find the classes on WMG Teachable. And don’t forget to use the code IN-BETWEEN to get any workshop or class there for half price until next Tuesday.