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Just Finished Romance Time Travel Class

Super Fun!!

Some great reading for me, and now that I have shown to myself I can read stories again with my improving eye, I will be catching up on the stories I am behind on. Give me one more week , folks.

And for one last time, here is all the fantastic stuff about the March workshops that are starting right now, plus the fun surprise that was at the bottom of Monday’s post. That ends late tomorrow (Friday) night.

These are all on WMG Teachable.

Collection Classes…

  • Creatures Collections Class
  • Spies Collection Class
  • Heroes or Heroines Collection Class
  • Fantasy Collection Class

These are nine weeks long in which you write five new short stories to the theme as you see it, put it all together, and publish it on the ninth week, with me helping every step of the way.

Advanced Craft Class

  • Advanced Character Development

These advanced craft classes are nine weeks long and make you aware of techniques the top writers use and how to do them.

Regular Monthly Workshops

Class #24… March 7th … Writing into the Dark
Class #25… March 7th … Teams in Fiction
Class #26…March 8th … Depth in Writing
Class #27…March 8th … Applied Depth
Class #28… March 8th …Killing Critical Voice
Class #29… March 8th …Reaching Pulp Speed
Class #30… March 8th …Advanced Depth

Note: Reaching Pulp Speed is a RESURRECTED CLASSIC WORKSHOPS.It will only be available as a regular workshop for this one month.

And something special for those of you who read this blog regularly. Not announcing this anywhere else but here. Until Friday night late, March 10th, anything on Teachable is half price for those of you who see this and use the code: DeansBlog03

And I do mean anything. Wanting to grab a challenge or a lifetime subscription, grab it now. Or any of the great March classes.

A lot of great workshops this month. Lots of learning and fun.