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Pulphouse Kickstarter Is Live!!!

Just Started!!

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine 2023 Subscription Campaign is now live on Kickstarter.

Lots of great reading, lots of fun workshops for writers, and even a way for backers to send a story to Pulphouse if we reach high enough on the Stretch Rewards.

And two very special and fun workshops only available on Kickstarter and no where else, ever.

Plus some fun merchandise. Mugs, calendar, and even a pillow.

So help us get to a monthly schedule. Check it out!

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine 2023 Subscription Campaign

Now Live!!


    • Cheryl

      Mr. Vagle — I got curious and clicked through to your website etc….anyway, just read “Bones” which was in a Pulphouse I’d not gotten to yet and it was pretty amazing! Memorable!

      • dwsmith

        My opinion, all of Rob’s stories are memorable. “Bones” was a fun one, that’s for sure.

        By the way, in our new Pulphouse Shopify store that will be launching in a few weeks or so, we are trying to set up this nifty thing that if you get an author’s name from an issue, all the rest of the issues that author has stories in will come up as well. That’s going to be cool if we can pull it off. Stay tuned.