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Proud of Smith’s Monthly Restart

I Got the First Three in Paper…

January, February, and March issues of Smith’s Monthly Magazine are in my hands in paper. April issue will ship near the middle of the month.

So thought I would goof around for a minute, take a few pictures, and post them here of the first three issues from this year.

I do all the layout for the paper editions. Including a ton of ads all the way through. It is a two-column format and takes me about ten hours a month total to lay them out, do the covers for the short stories and the wrap cover for the magazine, and put in all the ads. But I can’t begin to tell you how really good it feels to get the issue every month.

Feels like a real accomplishment. An entire magazine with just my stuff in it. A novel, five or six short stories, and a serialization of another book or a full non0fiction book. Every issue, every month.

In 49 issues I have not repeated a novel or a short story. Still figuring out what to do special with #50. I got some ideas.

So here are some pictures I snapped on the computer tonight.

First is #45, second is #46, third is #47, and the last one is a sample of the interior.