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Hit Next Stretch Reward

With Only Hours Left…

And only hours left to get into the Special Writing Epic Fantasy three-week workshop. It will only be offered, ever, though this campaign.

This campaign ends at 7 pm today, West Coast Time. So if you want the special workshop, you only have hours to sign up.

So go to Return of the Fey Kickstarter Campaign and get the special workshop, plus all the extras.

As far as workshops go that are extra, if you are a backer of this campaign, you will get, without any more cost than your backer amount, seven brand new Pop-Up Classes. (And they add into the Special Writing Epic Fantasy workshop.)

The Pop-Ups are:

#29… Epic Fantasy World Building

#30… Creating Believable Epic Fantasy Names

#31… Writing Epic Series

#32… Using History to Write Fantasy

#33… Born on Page One Problem

#34… Freedom Indie Publishing Provides

#35… Creating Tension in Your Writing

That is $1,050 in value in classes. (Yes, we are really giving backers that much. And readers, you can give the classes away to writer friends if you want.)

For readers, there is a lot of fantastic fantasy fiction from Kris, including the new Fey Novella. For readers, I would suggest getting the first seven books of The Fey.


Return of the Fey Kickstarter Campaign.