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Playing With Covers

For Make 100 Paperbacks

And learning the new Indesign. Finally getting past the frustration stage of learning and into the “this is cool” stage.

Thought I would show you one of the covers. I am starting from the very first story in Smith’s Monthly #1 (and yes, I will be redoing all the Smith’s Monthly issues as well in this crazy clean-up.) And I will be doing a lot of new and unpublished stories as well.

On my wonderful spread sheet, I discovered that only four of the 37 stories in the first nine issues of Smith’s Monthly have been put out stand-alone and of those, only one was already in paperback form.

So here is the new paper (and electronic if you only look at the front cover) of the very first story in Smith’s Monthly #1.

The “Smith’s Stories” will remain along with my name and the black bars and the location of the title with every story. A form of branding. The black bar on the spine allows for expansion or contraction of the width. I think this story is about 3500 words, so it will end up about 28 pages or so thick with the front and back matter. (24 minimum)

Anyhow, moving at a pretty good speed now that I have InDesign under moderate control.