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Friday Night and I’m Reading Stories

Nope. Not For Pulphouse Fiction Magazine

I am reading for the Great Challenge. I got behind the last three weeks in reading, so promised myself that among other things this weekend, I would get the pleasure of reading a bunch of short stories.

That’s what I am doing tonight.

And very excited about the Pulphouse Kickstarter and how well it has done in the first two days. Exciting and gratifying for me and all the great authors who had stories in the first eight issues.

Between reading, frighteningly enough, I have been working on a spread sheet for a past Kickstarter. The Make 100 Paperbacks. Finally firing on those and still hope to have them all done in the first week or so of September and the collections this fall as promised.

But the spreadsheet is of all the short stories in Smith’s Monthly. I decided I am going to start right from Issue #1, redo the covers of the magazines, the covers of all the stories in each issue, and so on. And get all of them on Patreon and to those who supported the Kickstarter.

As well as do covers and new issues to come out this fall.

And maybe, once I get a ways into this massive project, start my free story of the week. The spreadsheet is to keep track of all that, and the original art and everything.

So enjoying reading some stories, then giving my eye a rest, then to headache of the spread sheet, then another rest, then back to the pleasure of reading stories.

A fun way to spend a Friday night, getting caught up, basically.

And now I got this done so I don’t forget later. (grin)

Check out the Pulphouse Kickstarter. And thanks to all of you who have already supported it.